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We asked A.I. to write a bio,


               instead it gave a step by step outline on how to write a bio...


                                                                 [ figures... ]

            Let’s do it together:


1. Define your purpose:

  • To make well fitting, stylish, high quality, headwear to keep us dry and warm on and off the mountain. 

2. Identify your audience:  

  • Those with cold necks [ obvious... ]

  • Snow sports community / individuals with a desire to move away from cheap fabrics and mass produced gear, and move toward original, handmade quality.


3. Keep it concise:

  • Knocking this one out of the park.


4. Highlight your achievements:

  • Combining 25 years of snowboarding, skiing, and sewing experience to bridge a gap between those worlds and create the Roan Hood.

5. Inject personality:

  • Killing this category, just naturally talented I suppose.


"My strengths aren't formulaic sales wording, bio’s, and fake niceties. They are creating clothing, and snowboarding. The Roan Hood is made FOR winter sports people, BY winter sports people. It’s a hand made, high-quality product I have spent years perfecting and testing; from the mountain, to the job site, concerts, and everywhere in-between. 

- A

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